Little Princess and the Fox / la princesita y el Zorro

"Just that," said the fox. "To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you I am nothing more than a fox like a  hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world . . ." /

—Sí - dijo el zorro-. Para mí no eres todavía más que un muchachito semejante a cien mil muchachitos. Y no te necesito. Y tú tampoco me necesitas. No soy para ti más que un zorro semejante a cien mil zorros. Pero, si me domesticas, tendremos necesidad el uno del otro. Serás para mí único en el mundo. Seré para ti único en el mundo.....


Baquedano Underground Station

a friend of mine  always tell me this: " If I would be a really son of a bi¨¨  I would have comitted suicidade by throwing myself into Baquedano, because I woud collapse  Santiago's underground system..." Thanks God he is an adorable human being... / La mejor manera de cagarse a todo Santiago es  matarse en la estacion de metro Baquedano... lejos la forma mas eficiente de colapsar la ciudad .


Pies Pequeños / small feet

Fairy tale princesses have small feet, like me, so I'm an undercover fairy tale princess... Hey, tha's explained a lot so  I wonder :  where is my charmed prince ? / las princesas de cuento tienen pies pequeños como yo, asi que soy una princesa de cuento secreta. jjjaa


Plaza Italia / Italia Square

    Italia Square is the invisible border of  this city. If you live above Plaza Italia , you will belong to  Chilean Upper Class, "la gente como uno", etc  ( hypothetically). But If you have the bad luck of living below Plaza Italia,  you will be part of the underqualified national  work force or a member of  the social climbist middle class. That is to say,  if   you are not part of them, you are a stranger, an  outcast or a shadow... hard to explain because this is a cultural issue rather than something which can be  explained  empirically or something like that. / Plaza  Italia: si vives arriba eres de la " gente como uno" si vives abajo, eres de los " otros", si   no cabes en nunguna categoria, eres un alien... que dificil es vivir en Chile!



An  error  is  a fossilized  mistake that is already set in our linguistic perfomance. By example, when  non native speakers of English say people is instead of people are ( shame on me). Here, the picture shows a literal  error, because this guy has been tattoed Boz instead of  Voz,  therefore, he must live with an envident misspelling for the rest of his life. That is a real and fossilized error./  Este tipo se tatuó un error ortografico, porque escribió boz en vez de voz... eso si que es una fosilizacion.


May the force be with you

Lord Yoda, Help me! I really want to pass my subjects but I  haven't studied enough... damm it, I´ll fail everything,  I will be at University forever!!! ( please,  I don't want that)


Pontificial Catholic University of Chile, Main Campus.

  I could have been a great  lawyer ( merciless and ambitious) but I decided to study literature instead... silly me



Santiago Public System of Transportation... no comments ( to see further information :transantiago)



Praying.. Rezando

an undercover shot.... from my secret camera. 


and life goes on.. / y la vida pasa

Life goes on and we can't stop  it... I'm getting older every day


The mirror / El espejo

looking through the looking glass.... will Alice be there? / a  través del espejo...¿ Alicia estará al otro lado?


This is my granny, don't dare to laugh

When  my granny was a child, she dreamt of being a nun. If she had become one, she would have looked like this. Interesting, don't you think? Sometimes, there are odd moments when the decisions we've made and those we haven´t  meet at a same point. In fact, we can see them together for a couple of seconds and sometimes, these strange "cosmic" junctions are fixed in photos like the one above. Weird, isn't it?


The Magic Fountain / La Fuente Magica

If you throw a stone, your wish will come true... Well,  that's not  quite true but Santa Lucia Hill is a beautiful place and Neptune's Fountain is a great spot for daydreaming, isn' it?/ Si tiras una moneda, tu deseo se hará realidad... o no, pero es bonito pensarlo asi


More Snow/ mas nieve

a snowy day... if you live in Santiago's foothills  / un dia con nieve, solo si vives en la precordillera, como las cabras


Yup, we are still on strike or something like that

My high brow alma mater is on strike or at least part of it. There were a sudden and unexpected awakening and severa PUC students  have started to raise their voices in order to change the system or something like, They are trying to raise awareness in favour of social justice, equality  and a fare educational system but their little voices are heard ony between themselves. They scream and speak loud but the external noise is more oppresive than their voices and sometimes it is really hard to listen among too many cries. I think it is really difficult to find some certainty between this one way discussion. A sort of catch 22 situation, I dare to say,

Snow in Santiago

yup, sometimes it snows in  Santiago/ A veces cae nieve en Santiago


If You don't go to the demonstration

The demonstration goes to you..
Si Mahoma no va a la protesta, la protesta va donde Mahoma


We are still on strike

This Wall painting summarizes the students' request . The Chilean State does not invest its gross income appropiately, consequently, Chilean education is dramatically meagre and helps to reproduce a system which encourages social injustice and inequality. At the same time, the Wall painting is an open irony against globalization. ( an pure example of the think globally, act locally philosophy)
THe quote belongs to John F. Kennedy and the translation says something like this: those who  don't allow the pacific revolution, they will promote the violent revolution ( I know, it's a horrible translation but you can google the spanish version and find the original one)


Student's strike : Universidad de Chile Main Campus occupation

  Studens are currently fighting for free education for all. Consequently,  students  from Universidad de Chile are storming into their main campus  to occupy peacefully as an act of protest. In case you don´t know, Universidad de Chile is the most important public University in this country, it stands for the republicans values of the nation. At the same time, Universidad de Chile is suffering the consequences of the free market system that rules tertiary education. Besides, a great number of their students can´t afford the excessive  costs of attending university  because tuitions are excessive, there are very few scholarships and interest rates of student loans are the legal equivalent to usury.


Cesante Ilustrado/ protesta estudiantil

 I don't know how to  translate  this phrase. Perhaps it may be rephrased as erudite jobless or something like that. Anyway,   this " title" is a cruel irony regarding tertiary education and the work world, because a " cesante ilustrado" is an individual who will study four, five, six, or ten years in order to get a university degree but when he or she leaves college, the " cesante ilustrado" won't be able to find a job.
Nowadays Education is a current issue in Chile. Students ( from public universities and secondaries schools) are demonstrating  against  Education statuo quo: they want non profit tertiary education and equal accessability to all.  However, the right wing chilean government  is not giving an inch in favour of students' claims. Well, maybe just a little. Nevertheless, this is an interesting debate which is happening now in Chile and nobody is fully aware of how both sides will work out this issue.


Toesca Underground Station / Metro Toesca

                  4 minutes to everywhere.... except  a bright future for me 


June Theme Say : Under Construction / Dia Temàtico Junio: Aqui se construye

Actually, This church is not under construction but this is one of the samples of the slow chilean reconstruction after the 27/2 earthquake. In fact,   the earthquake happened a year ago and hundred of building are on the verge of falling apart, like the one which heads this picture. / Consequencia del Terremoto del 2//2/2010.. sin comentarios

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ShopWindow 3

" Students without uniform"
note: It is customary for Chilean students to wear uniform. This outfit is usually blue navy and white. I think it mimics British school uniforms or something like that. Ironically, wearing uniforms is not mandatory for students, since Ministry of Education supressed that rule in 1982. However, schools encourage the uniform in order to "unifiy" students and avoid differences but there are disparate uniforms according to the  disparate type  of schools( public and private school ). This shopwindow is a claim against this odd tradition. Funny, isn´it?