San Joaquin's underground Station

   I have no idea that it was forbidden  taking pictures from any Santiago's Undegraund station. So I suppose  that this photo is a kind of illegall souvenir.


Costanera Center,Sanhattan

 This the greatest scar in the middle of  Santiago's Finnacial borough. This scycraper supposes to be the largest and biggest building in th whole country but thanks to the latest economic crisis   the process of building iy  was stopped until things get better. The almost finished building is still there, uncompleted.


Sanhattan, Las Condes. November 6th.2009

Sanhattan ( A juncture between Santiago and Manhattan) is the economic capital of Chile. It is located in the heart of the most exlusive town in Santiago and almost the 50% of the economic decission are made in these street. September 11 th, Avenue ( It was named after chilean coup d'etat in 1973) and Vitacura Avenue are the started point of this power centre and of course, the traffic is always hectic.


Tugul Street.Neighbors' local committee 5

 These solid and sturdy ladies are perfoming a  kind of Grease Scenes mixed up, therefore they are  making  their best effort as they always do. By the way,  you should notice the special effects ( or something like that)


Tugul Street. Neighbors`s local commitee.3

No, that isn't John Travolta or  Gay Pride Parade's participant.  This tough lady is perfoming a sort of "Grease" charade because of the Dancing Day. A detail regarding Neighbors committees, most of them are created  by women so that  most of their members are women. Consequently.when they have to perform some musical scenes, male roles are usually perfomed  by these solid ladies.