Guess who weren't invited to join the Bicentenary / adivinen a quienes no invitaron al bicentenario

                     Translation: " We support Mapuche Political prisioners on hunger strike... "
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Bicentenial Sale : money will run the world

                                                El dinero rige al mundo


Stranger than a 500 pesos Bill / mas raro que billete de 500 pesos

 This is  a truly antique. 500 pesos bills  are out of circulation ( or withdrawn from circulation ?) since 2000.


As Salam Mosque / Mezquita As Salam

    This is the first mosque built in Chile. Its construction  had started in 1988 and it   finished in 1996.  The small but growing  Chilean muslim community has 5 centers of praying and reunion ( mosques and cultural places) and recently historians have started to undercover the  influenced of muslims in early Chilean history although the first  islamic immigration  to  Chile was registered in 1856 during the  beginning of the great immigration wave from  The Ottoman Empire Territories (Palestinian, Jordan,Lebanon and Syria).
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Ghostly Father

  If I translated the title into spanish, It would sound  like : Santo Padre Fantasmal... But It sounds weird...
  (  this is a picture of the John Paul II's statue located in the Catholic University Main Campus/ foto tomada en Casa Central,  PUC, estatua de Juan Pablo II )