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    Santiago city survived quite well the eartquake, the worst damages were suffered by Concepcion, Talca and Curico in the south of Chile. This blog's updates are already scheduled so that  the future post are not related with the current state of the news. I'll try to update the post as soon as i can



  Passapoga is the most famous night club in Santiago. Here, incredible women turn on secret passions among Passapoga's visitors. (http://www.passapoga.cl/)
Meanwhile, neat students from Jose Victorino Lastarria  High School (whic is across  the street,  on the vey opposite side of Passapoga)dream about getting through   these   window doors and discover  its treasures and exotic women, if they were able to afford  the entrance ticket
  EL Passapoga es el club nocturno mas conocido de Santiago. aqui, increíble mujeres encienden  pasiones secretas entre sus  visitantes.
Mientras tanto, los pulcros estudiantes del Liceo Jose Victorino Lastarria ( el cual esta justo cruzando la calle) sueñan con entrar por esas puertas de vidrio  y descubrir sus tesosros y exoticas mujeres si tan solo pudieran costear la entrada.


Runaway Fish / Peces Fugitivos

   I hope these little fellows remain alive when students come back in March.According to my friend Jaime, fish do not live long in San Joaquin Campus' pond because they are  used  to commit suicidade jumping off the pond.  It's true,  he said, because he saw one fish did that once, a few months ago
Espero  que estos amiguitos aun vivan cuando los estudiantes vuelvan en marzo, ya que acuerdo a mi amigo Jaime, los peces no duran mucho tiempo en las fuentes ornamentales del Campus San Joaquin porque acostumbran a suicidarse saltando fuera del agua. Es verdad, él dijo, ya que vio a un pez hacieno eso una vez hace un par de meses.


Vicente Valdes Underground Station. La Florida/Estacion Vicente Valdes, La Florida

Another forbidden souvenir from Santiago's underground system./ Otro souvenir prohibido del  sistema de metro de Santiago.


Recycling at The UC / Recicla UC

This is a never ending duty, because rubbish grows like weed (undergrowth) in this place./ Esta es una tarea de nunca acabar, porque la basura crece como la mala hierba en este lugar .


Outdoor Museum/Museo al Aire Libre

 This is not an standard museum. In fact, these graffities are not supported by any authority or private  sponsor. Because of that, these artistic perfomances may dissapear in any moment. In the mean time, we can observ their fantastic shapes and colours while we are walking from Campus San Joaquin to Pedreros Underground Station.
   Este no es un museo tradicional. De hecho,  estos grafities no estan patrocinados ni por las autoridades ni por los privados, Por eso, estas manisfestaciones artisticas pueden desaparecer en cualquier momento. Mientras tanto,   podemos observar sus fantasticas formas y colores mientras caminamos desde Campus San Joaquin hasta la estacionde metro Pedreros.


Haunted House/ Casa Embrujada

It is supposed to be The Children's Museum located in Quinta Normal Park. However,  this house is  evidently neglected and untidy. In fact, this place is inhabited only by homeless individuals and ghosts.
Se supone que es el Museo Infantil ubicado en el parque de Quinta Normal. Sin  Embargo,  el descuida y la suciedad de esta casa es evidente. De hecho,  este lugar esta habitadao solamente por  vagabundos y fantasmas,


Our Lady From Lourdes Basilica, Quinta Normal/ Basilica de Lourdes. Quinta Normal.

 Does it look like as a mosque or it is just an optical illusion?/ ¿ Parece una mezquita o es solo una ilusión óptica?



 What does Mapurbe mean?.. It is a mixture between  mapuche and urbe (city). The mapuche descendants that live in chilean cities are called mapurbes. Although, I am not sure if that nomenclature is applied only to practising mapuche people, secular  mapuche people  or both. (The shadow is mine by the way)
¿Qué significa Mapusrbe?.. Es  la union entre mapuche y ciudad. Los mapuches que viven en las ciudades chilesnas son llamados mapurbes. Aunque no estoy segura si esa nomenclatura se aplica solo a los mapuches practicantes, nominales o ambos. ( La sombra es mia, por si acaso)


Italia Square / Plaza Italia

     Santiago was founded in 1541 by Pedro de Valdivia due to  Mapocho Valley  political and natural advantages. (http://www.educarchile.cl/Portal.Base/Web/VerContenido.aspx?ID=130138)
     However, Valdivia  never  imagined  that 469 years  after its foundation, this city would have expanded itself and created its own borderlines  and codes. By example, Italia square has become the sociological frontier among santiaguinos. Your live will be completely different if you live up to Italia Square or down Italia Squareas consequence  this situation   marks  the place you live, your social class, the friends you have and the opportunities you may obtain  within the closed and classist chilean society.

 / Santiago fue fundada en 1541 por Pedro de Valdivia debido a las ventajas politicas y geográficas del Valle del Mapocho. Sin embargo, Valdivida nunca pensó que 469  años despues , esta ciudad se expandiría y crearía sus propias fronteras y codigos. Por ejemplo, Plaza Italia se ha convertido en una  frontera sociologica frontera entre los santiaguinos. Tu vida será completamente diferente si vives de Plaza Italia para arriba o para abajo.Como consecuencia, este lugar marca el lugar donde  vives, tu clase social, los amigos que tienes y las oportunidades que obtendras al interior de la cerrada y clasista sociedad chilena/

Ps: its real name is Baquedano Square but Everybody knows it as Itallia Square / Su nombre real es Plaza Baquedano no Italia, pero toso la conocen por ese nombre.

Gorbea Primary School,1945 Class

 Although this is not a picture from Santiago or any place near this big city, the main character of this is my grandfather, who is one of the children portraited here. To begin with,  this school was founded by anglican missionaries during the first half of the 20th.Century. During these hard days, mapuche children had very  few opportunities to attend or finish primary school. Because of that,  it is touching the immaculate poverty an of these children. Finally,   I hope you notice  how proud  these  childre are, despite that some of them are barefoot and have rag clothes instead of school uniforms.


Saint Joseph Hospital5

Some people tried to buy a piece of heaven... it seems they couldn't afford  the price here.


Saint Joseph Hospital 3

 Scary.. She has black eyes and nobody knows who did it. People say that this figure  have  cried during some dark  winter nights...sadly and loudly

Saint Joseph Hospital2


Former Saint Joseph Hospital, Independencia, Santiago

 This one of the most  creepiest places in Santiago. This ancient Hospital has been recycled into  a cultural centre- a place where people perfom plays,  paints and write poetry. However, this XIX Century hospital  is the setting of certain distubing phenoma since thousand of lives were lost here. Although, these patients
 built grottoes and altars to  honor  Our Lady  From Lourdes  in order to win  an extra day of living or a place in heaven, it seems that not all of them had achieved that aim. Ghosts walk inside this place 24 hours per day.