My Future/ Mi Futuro

This will be my future.. an empty classroom and my tiredness because I will have tried to teach  to some unbereable group of teenagers


Shiny and flashy / Brillante ( que brilla mucho)

The mall is on the foothills of Santiago...in the middle of oa rocky and dry hill,  it looks flashy and sometimes  trashy  but some people ( who have tons of money) seem to enjoy living in the mountain like goats. I suspect that the architect wanted to mimic Miami, but Miami have sea and the hills of Santiago only have rocks, dusts and dry bushes.  Grass and palms don't look natural, this is a fake and phoney deconstructed space.  No offense, this is only my opinion.


oops, my mistake/ lo siento, un error lo comete cualquiera

That was a great picture,  I swear it... but my finger was faster than my eye. This my tipical photo mistake. Thanks God there are digital cameras, otherwise I would lose hundreds of pictures :) / Este es mi error típico.  Que bueno que existen las cámaras digitales sino, perderia cientos de fotos.


"little bride"/ "noviecita"

Little girls used to receive their first communion dressed like beautiful little brides, but nowadays few girls make their first communion and almost all of them receive this sacrament wearing  their school uniforms or a plane white robe instead. This picture is an anachronic piece of reality / Las niñas solian hacer su primera comunion vestidas como noviecitas, pero ahora pocas niñas hacen la primera comunión y la mayoría solo usa el uniforme escolar o una tunica blanca. Esta foto es una anacronica imagen de la realidad


Saint Marthe/ Santa Marta

I made it up, I don't know how to translate Marta. No se como traducir Marta. Lo inventé