The Chinese Terracotta Army .Cultual Centre La Moneda Palace 1

This is the  greatest exhibition ever placed Chile during 2009, consequently words are not needed.


Chilean Olympic Comittee's HeadQuarters 2

 Pathetic Posseidon, the Greek God of seas left behind in the deserted headquarters


Chilean Olympic Comitee's Headquarters. Providencia.Santiago

 This gloomy manor ia the Chilean Olympic Comitee's Headquarters. The house looks abandoned and resembles a haunted house. No wonder why Chilean sportpeople do not have any finnacial support at all.


Lourdes's cave. Bolivia 2048

There is an old custom in some catholic houses: paying tribute to the Lourdes Virgin building a little Cave which symbolyzes Her apparition to Bernadette Souubiroux like this one shown in  the picture above 


Pedro Aguirre Cerda Housing Developement 3

Pedro Aguirre Cerda's second motto: Food,Shelter  and  Clothing



Housing Develpment Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Puente Alto, Chile

  Pedro Aguirre Cerda was one of the most important  and loved Chilean President during the 20th. Century. He belonged to The Popular Front, a coalition government which ruled Chile during the 1940' decade and it was formed by the Communist Party and the Radical Party. This president ,member of the Massonry, made important social work such as: authorized the arrival of  The Winnipeg,  a  ship which trasported more than  2000 spanish refugees escaping from Franco's dictatorship among others.
 This housing developement is placed in Puente Alto,  the  town with the largest amount of inhabitants within  Santiago city.



San Joaquin's underground Station

   I have no idea that it was forbidden  taking pictures from any Santiago's Undegraund station. So I suppose  that this photo is a kind of illegall souvenir.


Costanera Center,Sanhattan

 This the greatest scar in the middle of  Santiago's Finnacial borough. This scycraper supposes to be the largest and biggest building in th whole country but thanks to the latest economic crisis   the process of building iy  was stopped until things get better. The almost finished building is still there, uncompleted.


Sanhattan, Las Condes. November 6th.2009

Sanhattan ( A juncture between Santiago and Manhattan) is the economic capital of Chile. It is located in the heart of the most exlusive town in Santiago and almost the 50% of the economic decission are made in these street. September 11 th, Avenue ( It was named after chilean coup d'etat in 1973) and Vitacura Avenue are the started point of this power centre and of course, the traffic is always hectic.


Tugul Street.Neighbors' local committee 5

 These solid and sturdy ladies are perfoming a  kind of Grease Scenes mixed up, therefore they are  making  their best effort as they always do. By the way,  you should notice the special effects ( or something like that)


Tugul Street. Neighbors`s local commitee.3

No, that isn't John Travolta or  Gay Pride Parade's participant.  This tough lady is perfoming a sort of "Grease" charade because of the Dancing Day. A detail regarding Neighbors committees, most of them are created  by women so that  most of their members are women. Consequently.when they have to perform some musical scenes, male roles are usually perfomed  by these solid ladies.


Tugul Street. Neighbors` Local Committee.Dancing day

 Some Neighbourhoods organize themselves in local committees for saving money in order to buy christmas gifts for their children, among other reasons. To achieve that, they perfom several activities such as bingoes, parades and thematic parties. Besides their primary motifs, these committes are good excuses for gathering and hanging out with friends and neighbors in Sundays once in a  while.
p.s: this young lady was not preparing herself for dancing cueca in September 18th. That sunday was the dancing day and the committee prepared a Fonda Party.


Workers Society of Mutual Help Mausoleum ( Mausoleo de la Sociedad de Socorros Mutuos)

This  humble mausoleum belongs to  one of the hundreds mutual helps workers societies (Sociedad de socorros mutuos,http://www.revistapolis.cl/5/Illanes5.pdf) which joined workers thorougout the late 19th  Century and the first part of the last century.These organizations were the first unions created in Chile and  the basement of the labour movement which had surged in those years.
This is a snapshop taken from Santiago's General Cementery.


The Garden of Forking Paths 2

A lateral View from The Garden Of Forking Paths. The Spanish title of this  Borges` short story is more beautiful : El Jardin de Senderos que se Bifurcan. (http://www.literatura.us/borges/jardin.html)


The Garden of Forking Paths 1

  This is  part of Pontificial Catholic University of Chile Main Square (San Joaquin Campus) Even though this fountain  does no look like  the famous Borges's short story setting, the whole garden have always seemed   "borgiano" (sic) to me.In Fact, the whole university could have been a  disturbingly scenary to any Jorge Luis Borges's story.


Junk Food.Mall Florida Center. La Florida.Santiago.

  Thanks to globalisation, the  whole world enjoys the taste of a well done hamburger. It is not the healthiest  meal but It is rather cheap and fills stomachs very quickly.


Chilean Flag 2

Chilean Flag.Bolivia Street 2048. San Ramon.Santiago

 During September, we have the custom to run up chilean flags in our front of our houses  to honour Chile and its first attemps to achieve independence from Spain -Therefore, my family does not want to lose the oppotunity to raise this big and brandnew chilean flag.
This is my grandmother's front yard and the power line  from the first entry.


Faculty of Liberal Arts? Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Macul.Santiago. Septiembre 2009

This is my current alma mater right now.  The Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Faculty of Liberal Arts  or Literature ? I do not know how translate it.(http://www.uc.cl/) Anyway,  it is  a very expensive way of spending time but I suspect   They 'll  give me  a bachelor degree at the end of my study years. I hope so, at least..


Santiago`s Regional Library.Santiago

Well, a little bit of history. The largest chilean library  was opened in 2005 by the former chilean president Ricardo Lagos. Its current placement was built during the 1930s decade and it   used to be the  former State Supply Office . ( http://www.bibliotecadesantiago.cl/)
I must confess that I am a bookworm so this is my favourite place. That  building  has become my shelter  its thousands of book are like heaven to me. Therefore  if I get lost I will probably be there.


Children's Day. August 10th. Tugul Street. San Ramon.Santiago

  This little improvised  "Chilindrina" (es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilindrina_(personaje)) seems quite uneasy despise the fact she is participating in Tugul Street Children's Day Celebration.
Notwithstanding this day has only an economic  meaning - It is an excuse for selling toys ,at least here in Chile- several neighbourhoods from Santiago prepare themselves during the first semester of each year only  to this occasion. They give their children costume parties which include dancing contests  and candies delivery . Although this adorable young lady looks too serious to join the surrounding girls and dance with them.


2048 Bolivia Street

My first uploading. If I want to show how is the life of my city, I think It will be a great idea to start from my home. This is the lateral sightseen from my grandmother's house. The snapshot was taken during a gloomy day this winter but the power line has been part of my life since I moved at granny's two years ago.