Plaza Italia / Italia Square

    Italia Square is the invisible border of  this city. If you live above Plaza Italia , you will belong to  Chilean Upper Class, "la gente como uno", etc  ( hypothetically). But If you have the bad luck of living below Plaza Italia,  you will be part of the underqualified national  work force or a member of  the social climbist middle class. That is to say,  if   you are not part of them, you are a stranger, an  outcast or a shadow... hard to explain because this is a cultural issue rather than something which can be  explained  empirically or something like that. / Plaza  Italia: si vives arriba eres de la " gente como uno" si vives abajo, eres de los " otros", si   no cabes en nunguna categoria, eres un alien... que dificil es vivir en Chile!

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  1. Such borders can indeed be found over here as well. Thank you for sharing such interesting insight. Please have a good new week.

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