The Chinese Terracotta Army .Cultual Centre La Moneda Palace 1

This is the  greatest exhibition ever placed Chile during 2009, consequently words are not needed.


Chilean Olympic Comittee's HeadQuarters 2

 Pathetic Posseidon, the Greek God of seas left behind in the deserted headquarters


Chilean Olympic Comitee's Headquarters. Providencia.Santiago

 This gloomy manor ia the Chilean Olympic Comitee's Headquarters. The house looks abandoned and resembles a haunted house. No wonder why Chilean sportpeople do not have any finnacial support at all.


Lourdes's cave. Bolivia 2048

There is an old custom in some catholic houses: paying tribute to the Lourdes Virgin building a little Cave which symbolyzes Her apparition to Bernadette Souubiroux like this one shown in  the picture above 


Pedro Aguirre Cerda Housing Developement 3

Pedro Aguirre Cerda's second motto: Food,Shelter  and  Clothing



Housing Develpment Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Puente Alto, Chile

  Pedro Aguirre Cerda was one of the most important  and loved Chilean President during the 20th. Century. He belonged to The Popular Front, a coalition government which ruled Chile during the 1940' decade and it was formed by the Communist Party and the Radical Party. This president ,member of the Massonry, made important social work such as: authorized the arrival of  The Winnipeg,  a  ship which trasported more than  2000 spanish refugees escaping from Franco's dictatorship among others.
 This housing developement is placed in Puente Alto,  the  town with the largest amount of inhabitants within  Santiago city.