Tugul Street. Neighbors` Local Committee.Dancing day

 Some Neighbourhoods organize themselves in local committees for saving money in order to buy christmas gifts for their children, among other reasons. To achieve that, they perfom several activities such as bingoes, parades and thematic parties. Besides their primary motifs, these committes are good excuses for gathering and hanging out with friends and neighbors in Sundays once in a  while.
p.s: this young lady was not preparing herself for dancing cueca in September 18th. That sunday was the dancing day and the committee prepared a Fonda Party.


Workers Society of Mutual Help Mausoleum ( Mausoleo de la Sociedad de Socorros Mutuos)

This  humble mausoleum belongs to  one of the hundreds mutual helps workers societies (Sociedad de socorros mutuos,http://www.revistapolis.cl/5/Illanes5.pdf) which joined workers thorougout the late 19th  Century and the first part of the last century.These organizations were the first unions created in Chile and  the basement of the labour movement which had surged in those years.
This is a snapshop taken from Santiago's General Cementery.


The Garden of Forking Paths 2

A lateral View from The Garden Of Forking Paths. The Spanish title of this  Borges` short story is more beautiful : El Jardin de Senderos que se Bifurcan. (http://www.literatura.us/borges/jardin.html)


The Garden of Forking Paths 1

  This is  part of Pontificial Catholic University of Chile Main Square (San Joaquin Campus) Even though this fountain  does no look like  the famous Borges's short story setting, the whole garden have always seemed   "borgiano" (sic) to me.In Fact, the whole university could have been a  disturbingly scenary to any Jorge Luis Borges's story.