ShopWindow 3

" Students without uniform"
note: It is customary for Chilean students to wear uniform. This outfit is usually blue navy and white. I think it mimics British school uniforms or something like that. Ironically, wearing uniforms is not mandatory for students, since Ministry of Education supressed that rule in 1982. However, schools encourage the uniform in order to "unifiy" students and avoid differences but there are disparate uniforms according to the  disparate type  of schools( public and private school ). This shopwindow is a claim against this odd tradition. Funny, isn´it?


The Princess's little foot / El piecito de la princesa

I'm just  the princess because my mommy is the queen, and my granny is the queen mother / Yo solo soy la princesa, porque mi mami es la reina y mi abuelita la reina madre 


sunflower / Girasol

sunflower, originally uploaded by millamap212.

Paulina's equivalent to Van Gogh's paiting
El equivalente a Los Miraflores de Van Gogh

The beautiful city /La ciudad bella