Cesante Ilustrado/ protesta estudiantil

 I don't know how to  translate  this phrase. Perhaps it may be rephrased as erudite jobless or something like that. Anyway,   this " title" is a cruel irony regarding tertiary education and the work world, because a " cesante ilustrado" is an individual who will study four, five, six, or ten years in order to get a university degree but when he or she leaves college, the " cesante ilustrado" won't be able to find a job.
Nowadays Education is a current issue in Chile. Students ( from public universities and secondaries schools) are demonstrating  against  Education statuo quo: they want non profit tertiary education and equal accessability to all.  However, the right wing chilean government  is not giving an inch in favour of students' claims. Well, maybe just a little. Nevertheless, this is an interesting debate which is happening now in Chile and nobody is fully aware of how both sides will work out this issue.

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