A great number of people believe that a violent death cleans up all victim's sins, consequently, the deceased will arrive immediately to Heaven. Sometimes, his/her family builds an a kind of tiny little house or church ) in the exact spot where the individual died to pay tribute to the victim and as place of praying too. That is an "animita". Also, you can ask an " animita" its intervention to find out a solution to serious issues - to help a seriously ill relative to get better among others. As condition, the animita will fulfill your request if your make it a promise such as visiting the "animita" monthly or weekly, light some candles to tribute it, taking care ot the animita in case of nobody do it or pray over its everlasting rest.

Cuando alguien muere violentamente en un lugar, se convierte en una "animita". Su familia le construye una pequeña casita o iglesia a modo de homenaje . Ademas, mucha gente cree que una muerte violenta limpia los pecado de la viciitma y que el fallecido llega directo al Cielo. Por eso, si se le hace una manda ( como encenderle velas o visitarla semanalmente) la animita cumplirá el pedido y el pariente enfermo mejorarà o encontraràs el trabajo que tanto buscas

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