Earthquake in Chile .Postcards From Santiago / Terremoto. Postales desde Santiago.

   Dozens of apartment buildings  have suffered structural damages because of the earhquake. However, these buildings were sold as "solid structures which can endure the strongest seismic movement" . Nevertheless, the inhabitants of these places  were evacuated because these buildings are not able to be standing and they can fall down in any moment now. The ads says: a deceit, free to destroy your dreams,alluding  to the slogan  of the  construction company  which built and sold those buildings).
  Docenas de edificios de departamentos sufrieron daños estructurales producto del terremoto, como consecuencia fueron evacuados porque se pueden desplomar en cualquier momento. El aviso alude al eslogan de la empresa constructora que vendió esos edificios.

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  1. It was terrible, the world is feeling for you. I cannot possibly imagine what it feels like being in an earthquake and I hope I'll never find out.